Children in Need.gif

A big thank you to all who gave freely of their mufti money and especially to those who gave a little bit extra that has helped us raise in excess of £1341.52

The students and staff to be especially commended for their hard work and initiative are:

Alex Elsey in yr10 for her biscuits (very yummy);

Chuck Wang and Louis Kilgour in yr12 for the Pudsey masks;

Lydia Edwards for her bucket of pennies;

Mrs Kilburn and 7B for the footy shoot-out;

Mr Wilkinson and 11D for their sterling fund-raising (65-00 pounds);

Mrs Blight for her delicious cakes;

The fabulous kitchen staff for their lovely Pudsey biscuits (appealing to the child and stomach in us all) and other fund raisers;

Mr Chesworth & the Year 7 cake sale;

Mrs Sturdy for the raffle and all of her hard work to make the day the success it was and, finally,

some very mad (scientists?) staff whose costumes raised a smile or two!

Well done, RGSW!