The Senior Society

The Senior Debating Society at RGS Worcester currently meets on a Thursday lunchtime between 1.30pm and 2.15pm. The Society is open to anyone in Year 11 or above who is interested in learning how to debate. We generally use the BP (British Parliamentary) style of debating: for more information on how this works, please review the guides on Introduction to Debating. For the 2014-15 season, the Society is proud to be sponsored by Thursfields.

The Society takes part in a number of national competitions, including the Oxford and Cambridge Union Schools competitions, where we were finalists in both competitions in 2013-14 and finalists at Oxford in 2015-16. We also participate in competitions including the ESU Mace, Debating Matters, the Taylor Trophy, the Birmingham and Warwick Schools and, for the first time in 2014-15, the Durham Schools competition. We reached the regional final of the ESU in 2016 and were Champions for the West in 2015.

The Society holds an annual competition, the Turner Cup, with local schools, King's Worcester, Bromsgrove School and Malvern St James. In 2015, RGS Worcester was proud to retain the Cup, beating King's by one point.

Squad training for the competitions takes place after school on Thursdays.

For further information on the Society, please contact Tom Peake, the current Society President.

Other members of the Committee include: Jack Ruane (Chairman), Joey Dottore and Miss Jane Waller, Head of Debating. Please see Leila Poel concerning Twitter.