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Transport and training details now posted on the Fixtures Page + latest crew update.


Fixtures list updated with new fixture on Sunday 24 June to replace Henley Women's Regatta. Check the Fixtures Page NOW!

Evesham Regatta

RGS Worcester secured four wins - our highest total for many years at this regatta - and everyone rowed well and showed off some fine sculling and sweep oar technique. And the sun shone!

Our winners were:

Women's coxed four: Darcy Simon, Francine Bath, Emma Little, Amelia Fish. Cox: Ellie Jones

Men's double: Alex Owen, Drew Dixon

J15 coxed quad: James Larkin, Malachy Larkin, Daniel Hall, Harry Lord. Cox: Olly Bailey

Men's single: Alec Berry OR Matthew Hill Both scullers won two rounds to get to the final where they were due to race against each other, however, as it was already past 7pm (scheduled final time was 16:37) we agreed with the organisers to race the final at Worcester next week, as the final would not have been run until 8pm otherwise. 


The blog is updated with words and pictures. Thank you to everyone who took part and to all the staff who made it possible. schoolweb.rgsw.org.uk/sport/rowing/easter-camp

 Easter Training Plan: Training Plan Easter Holidays 2018.pdf


Latest Rowing Bulletins:

J15-18s J15-18 rowing bulletin Feb 18.pdf

J14s J14 rowing bulletin Feb 2018.pdf

Half term training plan: Training Plan.docx



Friday 9 February in Perrins Hall, 7pm. Prizes for the raffle gratefully received! 

Further details here:



To all our Senior rowers who worked so hard to clear the floor and bottom racks of the boat house yesterday. Not many of you were involved in rowing at the time of the last major floods so here are some pictures to show you how bad it can get. These floods were in February 2014 and caused a huge amount of damage to boats and equipment, this meant we couldn't row for several weeks. That is why we take flooding seriously! 

NEW! Check out the new Ergo & test scores page - all your scores in one place - AND our Fundraising Page for forthcoming events. The 2015-17 Rowing Blog has now been moved to the Archive page (see lefthand menu). The 2017-18 Blog will start soon!

CORE WORKOUT SHEETS. If you cannot make a training session & cannot do the workout on the training plan. Please do a HIIT session & core circuit.    Follow the links:  Core Workout.docx    Lateral Core Workout 1.docx

Start of season assessment scores - now moved to the Ergo & Test Scores page

Start of Season Briefing

If you missed the Start of Season briefing on Saturday the PowerPoint slides are on the Rowing Handbook page (see lefthand menu)

NEW: Land & water WARM UP SHEETS.

Please follow the link & learn the warm ups. EVERYONE will use these to warm up for ALL SESSIONS & RACES

Land warm up 2017.pdf

Water Warm Up.pdf

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The Fixtures List is now posted, along with Important Dates for 2018. Please check the dates, note any clashes and follow the school sports absence procedure if you need to request permission to miss a fixture. 


The Weekly Session Planner is now posted for the first half of Michaelmas Term. NB. Rowers joining in Year Nine (J14) - your after-school sessions will be Thursdays from 1st October (venue TBC). schoolweb.rgsw.org.uk/sport/rowing/weekly-sessions

Photo of the season!

Happy Girls winning at Evesham Regatta - WELL DONE!!!


Portugal Rowing Camp

Well done rowers and thank you coaches for all your hard work. 

Click here for pictures & blog: Easter Camp

We LOVE Rowing!


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