Bridge Club

Bridge Club

Year Nine Bridge Group

Meets on Fridays, 1-20pm in SY103; extra bonus session: Tue 3-50pm

Young Bridge Challenge - Loughborough 5th March: we came 20th=, and won our first ever match! Target: YBC 2020???

Results can be found here:

Progress/lessons so far:

  • Playing with a partner
  • Tricks and Trumps
  • Card "magic": finesses
  • Playing the Dummy
  • Playing in No Trumps
  • Game and Slam bonuses
  • Bidding:
  • 1) 1NT sequences: 1NT-3NT, 1NT-2NT-3NT
  • 2) Suit sequences to 3NT (eg 1S-2C-2NT-3NT)
    • 3) "Stayman": Avoiding 3NT with a "hole"; route to 3NT and to 4S/H via Stayman
    • 4) Major Suit raises (eg 1S - 4S; 1S - 2S - 4S)
    • 5) Competitive bidding (overcalls)
    • 6) 2 level opening bids (20+ points)
    • 7) Blackwood, looking for slams

  • Docs are available in the tabs on the left