Welcome to the Army Section

The Combined Cadet Force (CCF) Army Section provides Cadets with the opportunity to learn new skills and engage in adventurous activities in a disciplined and well-structured organisation based on the traditions, values and standards of the Armed Forces. For action and adventure, fun and friendship, the Combined Cadet Force is hard to beat.

We offer pupils from Year Nine upwards a broad range of exciting, challenging, educational and adventurous activities. RGS Worcester offers a diverse range of trips and activities throughout the year and we do ask for regular attendance at the after school sessions on a Tuesday, as well as attending the two Field Training Exercises (FTX) and Annual Summer Camp.

Cadets follow an APC Syllabus. The recruit syllabus comprises Drill, Skill at Arms, Field Craft, First Aid, and Navigation. The Advanced Skill at Arms Syllabus builds on their skills and knowledge to include the Light Support Weapon (LSW), Section and Platoon Attack. Cadets also have the opportunity to go on a Leadership Cadre, military exercises, adventure training courses, and skill development courses run by the regular Army during the school holidays. This enables us to offer our young people a unique blend of personal development opportunities, all designed to promote fun and friendship while also helping them prepare for success in their
chosen path in life, whatever that might turn out to be.

Lt Smith