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Project In Memoriam 2014

Do we have any takes for this valuable and extremely interesting project? If so, please contact Cdr Shorrocks and we will take it one step further.

Members of all MOD-Sponsored Cadet Forces are encouraged to take part in Project “In Memoriam 2014”. This project is supported by all Cadet HQs.

The project involves locating, logging and protecting of thousands of war memorials across the United Kingdom using cutting edge forensic technology and would be a highly appropriate way for cadets to strengthen their ties with the local community and civic authorities. This activity, if appropriately conducted and approved through the Chain of Command may be able to count towards cadet badges or awards.

Cadets are asked to locate war memorials in the local area and register details of their location, custodian and type of memorial on a dedicated “In Memoriam 2014” website. The website can also be used to alert the War Memorials Trust to any vandalism or other damage that may have been caused. Links to online resources for discovering the registered custodian and definitions of what constitutes a war memorial are also available on the website. If a custodian cannot be found it may be possible for cadet units to become registered custodians.

War memorials do not just have to be the traditional stone crosses with engraved metal plates. They can be any object from a Roll of Honour Book to a stained glass window that has been created, erected or installed to commemorate those involved or affected by a war or conflict.

In Memoriam 2014 is a joint project, organised by the War Memorials Trust and the SmartWater Foundation, which is providing (free of charge) a forensic fluid for custodians to mark the metal components of war memorials. It is estimated that approximately one war memorial a week is being stripped of its metal components by thieves for scrap.

Any Cadet Force unit that wishes to become involved in this exciting project should go to the “In Memoriam 2014” website at . The pages to register a war memorial can be found by clicking on the “Start Here” button.