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Forthcoming Events

Forthcoming Events and Debates

For details of forthcoming debates and up to the minute news, please check the Debating noticeboard in Main Block.

House Debating will take place in February/March 2015. Please see the attached sheets for the rules.

Key Dates

Key dates for this year so far include:

22.09.14  Taylor Trophy - 1st round (at RGSW) - Joey Dottore and Jayden Watson progressed to the semi-finals

02.10.14  Oxford Union Workshop (at Cadbury College) 

16.10.14  Inaugural Turner Cup (at RGSW) - the Cup was won by RGS Worcester, beating King's Worcester, Bromsgrove School and MSJ

05.11.14  Semi-finals of Taylor Trophy (at Solihull School)

12.11.14  Year 7-8 Debating vs. King's Worcester (at RGSW) DREW 1:1

15.11.14  Birmingham Schools Competition

17.11.14  Debating Matters - 1st round (at RGSW)

27.11.14  ESU Mace - 1st round (at RGSW) WON

5.12.14    Cambridge Regional Round (Solihull School) ONE TEAM THROUGH

31.1.15    ICYD Regional Finals (Oxford Union) 14th/48

3.12.14    Oxford Union Workshop (at RGSW)

4.2.15      ESU - 2nd Round (at RGSW) WON

11.2.15    Cambridge Union Regional Finals (Solihull School)

12.2.15    ESU Public Speaking Regional Final (at RGSW) 2ND

26.02.15  Oxford Union (Regional Round) (at King Edward VI Sheldon Academy)

12.3.15    ESU Mace West Regional Final (at RGSW) WON

20.03.15  Clifford Chance Durham Schools Competition - all weekend

27.03.15  ESU Mace National Final (London)

24.04.15  Debating Dinner (Black Tie), Main Hall, RGSW