Debating Society


The Junior Society

The Junior Debating Society is aimed at students in Year 7-8. The Society meets on a Wednesday lunchtime between 1.40pm and 2.15pm. 

With around 30-40 members, the Society aims to teach students how to debate. Sessions are a mixture of group and pair activities, exploring skills such as how to structure a speech, how to carry out rebuttal and what is meant by a Point of Information. Debates are also carried out so that students can practise these skills once they are confident about them. The Junior Society uses a form of Mace debating with three speakers for each side: two main speakers and a summary speaker.

Senior debaters regularly help out with sessions, with Year 11s leading groups. A key member of this Senior Debating team is Gemma Collins, the current President of the Junior Society.

The Society welcomes all students who would like to come along - no previous experience is necessary!

For further information, please contact Miss Jane Waller, Head of Debating.