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iPad Code of Conduct

Pupil iPad Usage Policy

  1. All devices must be registered on the RGS Mobile Device Management System.

  2. Pupils may not use/interfere with another pupils iPad without explicit permission. 

  3. Pupils must ensure their iPad is in a case. 

  4. iPads must not be used to make audio or video recordings or take photographic images during the school day unless permission is given by a member of staff as well as any pupil being recorded. The consent must be explicit, not implied. 

  5. iPads should not be used when walking around the school site, nor headphones worn.

  6. iPads should not be used in school to access any form of social media like Facebook.

  7. Playing games on an iPad during the school day is not permitted.

  8. Pupils are responsible for ensuring there is no inappropriate material, images or video on their iPads.

  9. Attempting to circumnavigate the school IT security systems is prohibited. 

  10. Pupils are reminded that the use of iPads is intended to enhance their learning experience, hence usage should always be appropriate to that aim. Messaging in class is therefore deemed inappropriate. 

  11. Pupils are reminded to store their iPad securely in their locker when not in use. 

  12. Pupils should store/archive their school work in the RGS provided Google Drive account.

Pupils are reminded of the importance of bringing their iPad to school, fully charged each day. 

Please note this policy covers the use of both tablets and phones, regardless of manufacturer, or operating system.