The Auditions

Please note that before you sign up for auditions that the schedule will be very busy and you will be expected to learn script over the Summer Holidays as well as, depending on your role, attend all auditions throughout the week and on the named Sunday rehearsals.(See Rehearsal Schedule)

There are only 30 cast places and roles will be allocated not just on ability but also on how individuals fit the roles and the casting of other parts.

If you are not cast then please do not be disheartened and get yourself involved in the crew - an equally vital role.

Please see below for the audition dates:

Audition dates:

Tuesday 23rd June - Dance Auditions - 4 - 5 p.m. (All auditionees) 5-6 p.m. Dialogue and singing (Time slots)

Wednesday 24th June - Dialogue and Singing (you will be given time slot when you sign up)

Thursday 25th June - Dialogue and Singing (you will be given a time slot when you sign up)

**Friday 26th June - Cast List up on G and D board in entrance to GBT - Cast meeting at 13:45 GBT

Audition speeches and songs:

Girl's audition pieces

(Miss Adelaide)

Nathan, no matter how terrible a fellow seems, you can never be sure that some girl won’t go for him. Take us.

Nathan darling starting from next week, I’m going get a raise. So with what I’ll be making, I wondered what you would think – maybe we could finally get married. You see I’m starting to worry about Mother. Well, Nathan, this is something I never told you before, but my Mother, back in Rhode Island – she thinks we are married already! I couldn’t be engaged for fourteen years, could I? People don’t do that in Rhode Island. They all get married.

(Miss Sarah Brown)

Brothers and Sisters, resist the devil and he will flee from you. That is what the bible tells us. And that is why I am standing here in the Devil’s own city, - on the Devil’s own street, prepared to do battle with the forces of evil. Hear me, you gamblers! With your dice, your cards, your horses! Pause and Think before it is too late! You are in great danger! I am not speaking of the prison and the gallows, but of a greater punishment that awaits you. Repent before it’s too late.

Girl's Audition Songs - (You will be asked to sing a small section from each.)

Sarah Brown - 'I'll Know'

Adelaide - 'Adelaide's Lament'

Boy's audition pieces

(Sky Masterson)

When I was a young man about to go out into the world, my father says to me a very valuable thing. He says to me like this: “Son,” the old guy says, “I am sorry that I am not able to bankroll you to a very large start, but not having any potatoes to give you I am now going to stake you to some very valuable advice. One of these says in your travels a guy is going to come to you and show you a nice brand-new deck of cards on which the seal is not yet broken, and this guy is going to offer to bet you that he can make the Jack of Spades jump out of the deck and squirt cider in your ear. But son, do not bet this man, for as sure as you stand there you are going to wind up with an earful of cider.”

(Nathan Detroit)

Sky Masterson! There is the highest player of them all! Higher than anybody, why do you think they call him Sky? That’s how high he bets. I once saw him bet five thousand dollars on a cockroach. And another time he was sick, and he wouldn’t take penicillin on account he had bet 10 C’s that his temperature would go to 104. So why don’t I bet him? Why don’t I bet him a thousand on something? I ain’t scared. I am perfectly willing to take the risk, providing I can figure out a bet on which there is no chance of losing.

Boy's Audition Songs (You will be asked to sing a small section from each)

'Guys and Dolls'

'Luck be a Lady'