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Day 2

Day 2

After a buffet style breakfast with chicken sausages and lots of watermelon - too much for one man to handle - we put the two cars we brought with us through rigourous carpet testing! 

We then had to report to the scrutineering desk to hand in the car and go through registration, meeting other teams in the process. The team from Brazil were the first team we met and were fantastic company; their car looked great and so did Germany’s.

The Road to Abu Dhabi

Six RGS pupils and two members of staff, Mr Howard and Mrs Nicholls are travelling to Abu Dhabi on Thursday 7th December.

What for?

We are travelling to take part in the WORLD FINALS 2017 for 4x4 Landrover in Schools Challenge. In the Challenge teams design and build scale model 4x4 vehicles and test their capabilities on a rugged obstacle course. From developing a bodyshell, engineering a chassis and coding electronics for sensors and lights to detailing their work in a written portfolio and a verbal presentation to judges, the students each put in hundreds of hours of work.

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