Landrover 4X4

Awards Day

The day started nice and early again with breakfast at 7am! However, when we arrived at the circuit we were not allowed into the normal ballroom - all very secretive until we were ushered towards the Yas Marina Circuit Track. To our surprise we were met by the view of the F1 pits with the most dazzling array of Jaguar F-types purring away at us. Mrs N fancies one of those in her stocking this Christmas! 

The pit doors opened to reveal today’s challenge - not one, but 2 tracks in brand new Discovery models. We absolutely blown away with the intricacy of the tracks winding their way through the cars, in and out of windows, on top of bonnets and over engines! The  engineer who designed the tracks is a genius! 

The running order was in reverse order from yesterday’s results - which meant we were pretty much towards the end of the morning session. This haves us time to discuss tactics and look at best lines for the car. 

The first track was challenging but we also had the added ordeal of a broken drive pin which meant one of the wheels wasn’t turning normally, that cost us points in that stage. 

The second track, immediately after, was most definitely our strongest element of the competition so far. We were first out of all the competitors and our car flew through the elements which excellent driving from all of the team. 

The last task to score points on was the Trailer pull, which basically means attaching your car to a wire which measures force. We managed 1.9kg and came around 10th. 

Things were looking good and all team members were very pleased when we found out we are now 7th in the World! 

Tonight we will find out the overall positions for the World final 2017, when yesterday’s marks for Pit display, verbal presentation and portfolio are added to the driving elements marks. 

This will be announced around 5.30-6pm UK time - keep yours eyes peeled and your fingers crossed!