Landrover 4X4

Day 3

The third day started with a sigh of relief that we had not been called back to alter the car - we had passed the first hurdle! Not all the teams did and therefore had to work on their cars to make sure they met the Critical rules regulations. 

Given we had the all clear, we decided to head to Yas Marina Mall for a few hours shopping! Wow - it was enormous, full of amazing shops and everyone so unbelievably friendly. Mrs N was in her element and came back laden! 

We quickly caught the bus back and started getting all the gear ready to take to the Yas Marina F1 circuit , which is the venue for our next two days. The welcome talk was inspiring and they kept us on our toes as we don’t know yet what the track challenge will look like! It only gets revealed at the beginning of the first day of competition. 

The main task was to build the pit display which took a whole 2 hrs, give or take a few seconds! Mr Howard was on the edge of his seat but Team Pinnacle really did create something fantastic: even the rolling road worked with a couple of pressurised 2lt coke bottles hidden under the display - genius idea! 

The team have made it their mission to tweet as many photos of themselves with other teams as possible so make sure you follow the team on Twitter @RGSTeamPinnacle 

We are off now for the welcome BBQ and then off to practise the presentation for tomorrow. It’ll be a long day as we have all our competition elements to do in one day - but at least we can relax on the second day and watch the other teams. 

Keep an eye on the twitter feed for a link to the live feed tomorrow. 

Goodnight from Mrs N!  Hasta Mañana!