Landrover 4X4

World finals day 1 - afternoon update

WOW what a day this has been! It’s flown by and hopefully one day the members of Team Pinnacle will reflect and realise what an amazing achievement this is. Today they’ve been rubbing shoulders with people from 25 other countries and encouraging one another to do well in the track events and celebrating the fabulous pit displays. Did the team ever think that they would be befriending Team Rhino from SA or cheering on the team from Brazil? And all this is one day ... furthermore the Xbox game has proved invaluable in impressing other teams and getting them to interact with the Pit Display. 

So, let’s get to the detail - after getting up a stupid o’clock on a Sunday morning (6.26!) and a minor mishap with a few alarm calls ;) - we all managed to have breakfast and get on the bus bright eyed (not) and bushy-tailed. 

Arriving at the Circuit we were allowed to tinker with the pit display before the official opening ceremony which began the live streaming for the day. 

The 3 tracks were revealed and they turned out to be devilishly difficult, with even the pro not being able to complete the first in the time limit! How on earth was Team Pinnacle going to overcome that challenge? However the mantra of Positivity came to the fore, and kept their nerves under control.

The pit display discussion was our first task and the x box game and rolling road impressed the judges as did the displays and the very articulate Josh.

We then had the track challenges! Nerve racking to say the least, all 6 members of the team has to do at least one element of both the tracks put together. The rules were super strict and had anyone touched the car we would’ve been disqualified immediately. (Not sure if this movie will work but you can see snippets on twitter)

However, the first track, although it looked trickier, seems to drive better than the second for us and so it was left for Fraser to come up with the magic in the trailer tow. At the end of the track tests we were in 4th position until after lunch where the likes of Team Rhino pipped us to the post.

Still, our strength is the unique engineering of the car, having built the car from the bottom up, it really does makes us stand out from the crowd. So as the team went in to present they knew that they were in a strong position. The verbal presentation went well and the judges asked questions that had been rehearsed the night before under Nicholls interrogation! Everyone came out smiling and relieved that another stage was finished. 

The coding challenge was completed very successfully by Fraser and Harry, and although there are no points towards the final score for this element, there is still a prize up for grabs. 

After an unbelievably tiring day, we heard a talk from JLR apprentices and graduates who explained the benefits of working for a global company. Very tempting indeed! 

Supper was a swift Italian followed by “lets blow the budget” chocolate fondants- it is after all our last night of food in the hotel as tomorrow we are going to  the Awards dinner and on Tuesday we will be in the desert eating in a Bedhouin tent!

So, from a warm Abu Dhabi to a cold but beautifully snowy (little bit jealous of all the sledging that’s been going on!) Worcestershire - make sure you watch us on the live feed tomorrow. We have more challenges and a secret challenge they haven’t revealed yet!! 

Boa noite - from the truly international Team Pinnacle.