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J.R.R. Tolkien,  The Hobbit recommended by Tom Churchill, Year 7

I love this book because it is about a massive adventure about a little Hobbit mistaken to be an adventurer embarking on a Journey with a dozen Dwarfs battling there way to the Lonely Mountain to claim their Kingdom from the Malevo Lent Dragon 'Smaug'. Battling Goblins, Slaying Arachids, Beheading Orcs, and Killing 2 massive Mountain Trolls.

Inside all of this adventure he also beat a monster called 'Golem' at riddles and took a little magic ring leafing on to an amazing sequel 'The Lord of the Rings. I thought this action packed adventure novel was amazing

why don't you give it a try.

Brian Cox, Wonders of the Universe recommended by Jack Meredith,Year 9

This is a book about the science and wonders of the universe. The book is based on the popular TV programme. Brian Cox explains some of the magic and wonder that make the night sky and it has some magnificent diagrams and pictures. If you do not like science this is definitely not the book for you but if you do, it is one of my favourite science books ever. This book contains a lot of difficult science, so if you are to read it won’t be a book you can flick through. You will need to spend time reading its 1000 odd pages.

James Dashner, Maze Runner Recommended by Will Osbourne Year 7

I want to recommend this book because it is an exciting story about 30 boys put in to a giant maze so the only thing they can do is to find a way out, but the paths are dangerous and filled with monsters....

the style of writing is very much like 'The Hunger Games' & 'Gone'.

John Green, The Fault in our Stars Recommended by Hannah Burrows Year 8

I have only just started this book but i can already tell it will be good because it describes things very well, just like a TV inside your head. The main character is called Hazel and she goes to a support group with many other people with cancer or depression. I just want to keep on reading with this book and it never gets boring. Most sentences are interesting and full of adjectives. I have recommended this book to quite a few people.

Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games recommended by Ben Llewellyn Year 9

This book is brilliant because some adventure books don't have a lot of detail but 'The Hunger Games' really does go in to a lot of detail and engages me as a reader thoroughly. I really like tense books and this book builds tension after a short space of time. 

I wanted to read every last word of this book.

Michael Morpurgo, War Horse Recommended by Abi Watkins Year 8 

War Horse is a heart warming, adventure filled book following Joeys life as a war horse, he bonds and is separated many times from both Albert and Captain Nichols, but in the end will he make his way back? another of Michael Morpurgos action packed books.

The Emotion in this book stands out and it gives the reader a lot of questions.