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Day 8 & 9

Our last day has arrived! Though lots of people are ready to return and get back to milder climates and their home comforts, we are also sad to say goodbye to PGL Mimosa! After quite a late night with the Bastille Day celebrations and the sugar highs from the tuck shop purchases, camp was a very quiet and sleepy one this morning, even the teachers struggled to get up with their alarm (not mentioning names - ahem Mr Scanlon). This morning saw us do our final group trek to the beach for fun boat sailing.

The winds were up and the group had great fun doing turns and follow my leader once again (this time being a little more used to the techniques needed for successful sailing). Whilst some sailed, others played cricket on the beach and had great fun burying Cailen, Elliot and Adam L in the sand!

Day 7

The camp was very sleepy this morning and students took a few nudges to wake. Once awake and fed, everyone was elated on the walk down to the beach for banana boating - the most anticipated activity of the whole week! The boats took 8 people at a time and they seemed to thoroughly enjoy capsizing the boats on purpose and had to work hard to turn the boats back over in the water; team work was certainly a key part of this morning.

Those who weren’t banana boating had a go at kayaking and this saw students paddle out to a shipwreck! They also had a go at Water Polo.There was also some time for beach games with Rugby and Cricket being firm favourites, as well as having time to cool off with a swim.

Day 6

Last night we celebrated Evie L’s Birthdat with an excellent cake and some singing in camp! So far she is making an amazing teenager! Today started with a hearty breakfast and prep for a morning of paddle boarding and raft building down at the port. People were a little worried about having to board the coach again after spending a lot of time on it over the last week but this was officially the shortest journey so far (5 minutes).

Once at the port, excitement reigned as we all saw the giant paddle boards which fit 12 people! The aim was to paddle and steer but in reality everyone enjoyed jumping up and down and pushing people in. The instructors were excellent and we all had a lot of fun. We rotated and those who weren’t paddle boarding were tasked with building rafts out of barrels, wood, rope and, most importantly, common sense!

Day 5

Day 5

Everyone slept very well last night and although the 7am wake up call was a shock, all were very fast to pack up and clear rooms ready to make our way down to PGL Mimosa! Our cheery coach drivers Mike and Tim helped us load the coach and were once again selecting classic 90’s tunes to everyone’s delight (mostly the teachers)! After watching High School Musical on the way over from England, we carried on this theme and watched High School Musical 2 on our way to Aqualand.

The 3 hour journey was very peaceful with lots of sleepy bodies, however when we got to Aqualand this changed to excitement. Once off the bus, we were hit by the heat: it was significantly hotter than the Ardeche and everyone was ready for the water slides!

Day 4

After a very early wake up call, it was time for a quick breakfast of cereal and brioche before heading back out to the river for our final leg of the journey! We prepared for the tough day ahead by sorting our bouyancy aids and helmets (after checking them throughly for cicadas and other creepy crawlies) and set off in the beautiful sunshine. 

We were swiftly on to some rapids to give us a quick wake up, some boats (not mentioning names) capsized on the first rapid of the day, much to everyone’s amusement. Our first stop of the day consisted of the ‘slip and slide’ which involved assuming the flume and being carried down the river by the current and then standing up on an underwater ledge that allowed you to surf along. This was extremely popular and some students had a go at knocking the instructors off the rock, a brave feat! 

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