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French Exchange 2015-16

French Exchange 2015-16

Departure Day!: Please read email...

Coach should arrive between 2-45 and 3am, for a prompt getaway at 3-15am or earlier...

Please use main quad by Perrins Hall for parking; and keep noise low around residential streets!


Pics here:

The Home leg: Day 2 - Tuesday

(scroll down for earlier slideshows)

The Home leg: Day 1 - Monday

DATES in March: French arrive lat on Sat 19th Mar (or the small hrs of Sun 20th); French leave on Fri 1st April

Town Hall Speech  -video clip - very low res, with six of eight speakers:

DAY 14: Morning at EDEN - Prize giving, and the journey home...

DAY 13: Les Cours, et Le Musée de l'Imprimerie

DAY 10: L'Ecole ancienne et Trentemoult

DAY 9: Visite de "Planète Sauvage" et La Mairie de Nantes

Well done to the EIGHT excellent volunteers who spoke at the Mairie! Video to follow soon...

DAY 8: Laboratoire de Langues et Le Marché de Talensac

DAY 7:  L'Océarium du Croisic, et Guérande: 50 more from Tuesday...

DAY 6: Mon 2nd November - School and Nantes... 40+ more pictures here...