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Ski Trip 2018

Day 7 - Fun Friday !!

So, the snow alert for Sestriere is apparently 3cm! Times that by ten and you might be a bit closer to the truth. Wowee what a final day!

All the usual routine this morning, all out and meeting the instructors at 10. Except that today we had very low visibility and all groups stayed this side of the hill.  Despite the cold and crazy non-visibility, all groups coped amazingly well. The hot chocolate stop was definitely well received by all the groups. 

Day 6 - Thermal Thursday

As the name suggests, we woke up to loads of snow and really cold temperatures. After last night’s disco fever, everyone struggled to get up as bright eyed and bushy tailed as normal. But the routine was kept to and we were all on the pistes again at 9.45. Third day in a row that we’ve had the whole group out! 

Tweeting a live broadcast is becoming commonplace, and during the day it’s much easier to tweet. All 5 groups were challenged this morning with the weather conditions making seeing the runs very difficult. There are a few faces looking chapped from the wind, but everyone is cheery and very upbeat. 

Day 4 - Fresh snow

We woke up to a massive whiteout with misty skies and lots of new powder. Everyone was so excited about skiing on powder and were looking forward to getting out there. No-one stole anyone else’s boots this morning and everyone was up, breakfasted and out by 9.30. 

The top two groups skied off into the snowy skies and the other groups stayed around the winter wonderland that is sestriere. Group 1 were made to ski without their poles and suddenly realised how important it was to actually use their ski edges. I skied with group 2 and we took full advantage of the wonderful powder on the sides of the pistes. After a hot chocolate stop we were reenergised  and then we flew down the next few runs. The groups have really noticed the drop in temperature and although the sun is shining, it really is bitter on the chairs.

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