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Last day - Day 6

Is it really time to go home? This week has gone so quickly and has been filled with so much activity. Fun, lots of laughter, many many lost things (!) and a sprinkling of ailments - but all in all, it’s been truly enjoyable. We’ve had fabulous weather, although quite a bite to the wind and the snow has been reasonable given they haven’t had any since November. 

I can truthfully say that every single pupil has progressed and improved their skiing from the best skier in Group 1 to the total beginner in Group 7! Presentations at the end of the day were such a positive experience for all involved and everyone got a certificate and pin to put on their jacket.

Day 5

Super short post today - exhausted and need to go to bed. Much warmer today with blue skies and sunshine. All groups out and ready for it by 9, although it has to be said I think everyone is exhausted. 

Most groups skiing reds now with a few sprinklings of blue here and there. The groups are working well and really proud of how everyone is looking after eachother.  

After skiing shopping into the village for some and others decided to brave the swimming pool. Inside and outside pool with superb views over the mountain. 

Day 4

Sorry it’s so late but we’ve been having far too much fun here in Sestriere! 

The later morning routine seems to be working well - slicker routine every day. The groups are getting really good at looking after eachother and getting themselves ready in plenty of time in the mornings. 

News update: there was no disco last night! We had a power cut and so we all had to come back to the hotel early. What a shame! Some members of the RGSW dance troupe were so disappointed not to be able to show off their moves - however, if you watch today’s twitter live feed Master Hines gave us a demonstration of what we missed.

Day 3

Tonight’s blog is going to be brief as we have a party to get to! We have commandeered a nightclub with another school with Y8s and we are having a disco! Saturday night fever RGS style - I’ll report back tomorrow! 

As for the day; normal morning routine although it’s become really quite slick - so 15 minutes extra in bed tomorrow morning - whoop whoop! 

The top groups headed over to Sansicario this morning and skies some amazing wide reds and blacks - a little icy but really rewarding. The longest drag lift in the resort with a 60% gradient on it that took 10 minutes to ascend, was particularly challenging. Some of group 2 didn’t quite make it to the top but skiing was fabulous 

Day 2

Good evening from La Torre Rossa.

Well, what a day! Lots of wonderful sunshine and numerous milestones reached! However, much kit misplaced or lost - some never to be found again, despite our best efforts. No doubt it’ll make an appearance at some point. 

Alarms set for 6.45, breakfasted and ready by 8.15 then down to the dungeonesque boot room! We had a change in instructors today as we had 7 groups and so there were some pupils that changed groups. 3 whole hours of skiing, left some tired and hungry bodies ready for lunch at the hotel. 

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