UPDATED: 17 January 2017


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Worcester Junior Rowing League: Sprints

Saturday 20 January 2018.

ALL Year Nine and Ten competitors to meet outside the Fitness Suite at 12 noon to walk to King's together. NB. You need to bring a packed lunch on Saturday to eat at around 11.30am. Bring healthy snacks and drinks for during the fixture. 

Year Tens: you need to wear all-in-ones with RGS tracksuit over the top.

Year Nines: you need to wear your usual PE kit (ie white shirt & shorts / skort) with RGS tracksuit over the top. 

TRAINING SHOES - ALL COMPETITORS. You must wear clean training shoes (ie not muddy) as we are competing in the KSW Sports Hall. If that means you need to walk to the event in an old pair of trainers to keep your clean ones for competing then please do so.

If it is very cold wear your RGS skins / leggings as well.

The Year Nine and Ten races finish at around 3pm. Pick-up for parents is from King's School. 

ALL Year 11-13 competitors need to make their own way to King's School - further details and timings will be posted here when they are available. 


SATURDAY 27 January 2018 3pm at the NEW College swimming pool on Whittington Road. ALL new rowers to attend and we will need volunteers to help please.

Christmas Holiday Training Programme

The aim of the programme is to maintain your fitness. You have worked hard all term to build your strength and fitness but three weeks off could put you back to square one. If you want to win races you need to keep fit.

Every day:

Core workout - the links below are the work-outs you have been doing in training:

Core Workout.pdf

Lateral Core Workout 1 (1).pdf

Two-Three Times a Week:

HIIT circuit – we like The Body Coach circuits because following someone doing the circuit with you will motivate you to get it done. AND they only take 15-20 minutes to complete. Don’t forget to warm-up first and cool down afterwards.

Choose any of the HIIT circuits on YouTube, here are two suggestions:

15 Minutes 15 Moves: www.youtube.com/watch?v=xI9xtXoaNv0

20 Minute Cardio and Core: www.youtube.com/watch?v=yx_Hw4iyrRA

Once or twice a week:

50 minute run or 90 minute bike or 60 minute swim


Something completely different – walk the dog, hike up the Malverns, play tennis, football, basketball … anything that keeps you moving!


If you have access to an ergo then use it for steady state pieces such as:

2 x 15 minutes at rate 18 and rate 20 with four minute break between

3 x 10 minutes at rate 20 / 22 / 24 with 90 second break between

OR play the Fish Game or Ergo Darts (look at the Games on your monitor).

Don’t forget: Exercise is Food for the Brain. If you are revising for Mocks then you need to move around so that you can concentrate on your studies.

NEW! Check out the new Ergo & test scores page - all your scores in one place - AND our Fundraising Page for forthcoming events. The 2015-17 Rowing Blog has now been moved to the Archive page (see lefthand menu). The 2017-18 Blog will start soon!

CORE WORKOUT SHEETS. If you cannot make a training session & cannot do the workout on the training plan. Please do a HIIT session & core circuit.    Follow the links:  Core Workout.docx    Lateral Core Workout 1.docx

Start of season assessment scores - now moved to the Ergo & Test Scores page

Start of Season Briefing

If you missed the Start of Season briefing on Saturday the PowerPoint slides are on the Rowing Handbook page (see lefthand menu)

NEW: Land & water WARM UP SHEETS.

Please follow the link & learn the warm ups. EVERYONE will use these to warm up for ALL SESSIONS & RACES

Land warm up 2017.pdf

Water Warm Up.pdf

BACK TO SCHOOL Rowing Bulletin

M17 start of season bulletin.pdf


The Fixtures List is now posted, along with Important Dates for 2018. Please check the dates, note any clashes and follow the school sports absence procedure if you need to request permission to miss a fixture. 


The Weekly Session Planner is now posted for the first half of Michaelmas Term. NB. Rowers joining in Year Nine (J14) - your after-school sessions will be Thursdays from 1st October (venue TBC). schoolweb.rgsw.org.uk/sport/rowing/weekly-sessions

Photo of the season!

Happy Girls winning at Evesham Regatta - WELL DONE!!!


Portugal Rowing Camp

Well done rowers and thank you coaches for all your hard work. 

Click here for pictures & blog: Easter Camp

We LOVE Rowing!


Essential reading: The Chimp Paradox: the Mind Management Programme to help you Achieve Success, Confidence and Happiness by Steve Peters. If you do nothing else this summer read this book. Dr Peters is the psychiatrist credited with helping numerous athletes win gold at London 2012 - find out more here www.bnymellonbrilliant.com/learnbrilliant/learning-manage-your-inner-chimp NOW READ THE BOOK!

RGS Rowing Fundraising Page: 

The Pullinger Boat Club


RGS Rowing is committed to CLEAN SPORT. Click on the link below for further details.