Clean Sport

Clean Sport

RGS Rowing is committed to keeping sport 100% clean. On this page you will find information and useful links. Learn about 100%ME the campaign the keep sport clean. Learn about checking your medications and your duty as an athlete to help keep sport clean. 


British Rowing Statement on supplements and under-18s:

"Junior rowers should not be using any supplements without medical prescription; rowers under 18 years of age are advised to concentrate on learning and implementing good training, good diet and well-rehearsed recovery strategies."

Further details here:

Assess the need - do you need a supplement or do you need to eat better?

Assess the risk - is the supplement you're think of taking safe / legal?

Assess the consequences - if you fall foul of anti-doping rules you could be banned from sport for at least 2 years. Is it worth it?

If you aren't eating / drinking well you need to sort this out first! 

British Rowing Nutrition Guide:



Get into the habit of checking your medicines here:

Mrs J. Sullivan is a UK Anti-Doping Accredited Advisor - if you have any queries she can point you in the right direction. Just ASK!