Rowing Handbook 2020

Guidelines for Rowers and Parents 

Your 'at-a-glance' guides to RGS Rowing are below. 

Guidelines for Parents  2019-20 Guidelines for Parents.pdf

Rowers' Code of Conduct 2019-20 Code of Conduct .pdf

The Rowing Handbook 2020

The sections of the Rowing Handbook are listed below - each one is a downloadable PDF. Please take some time to read these so that you are fully informed about rowing at RGS Worcester. 

1. Introduction.pdf

2. Getting started.pdf

3. Rowing Fees and Charges 2020 .pdf

4. Rowing Kit 2020.pdf

5. The Rowing Pathway .pdf

6. Games & Training .pdf

7. Boat House Facilities & Parking.pdf

8. Care of Equipment.pdf

9. How Coaches Select Crews.pdf

10. Stay healthy for rowing .pdf

RGS Worcester Guide to Racing

Click on this link to download the latest racing guide:

2016 Guide to Racing RGS Worcester Boat Club compressed.pdf

ALL rowers and coaches are required to follow the Safety Guidelines:  Please take some time to read and understand these.