Weekly Sessions

Weekly training sessions - Michaelmas 2019


Due to the very large number of rowers we now have, ALL rowers must sign up to the after school BOAT HOUSE sessions on the sheet presented at the weekly Team Meeting (Thursday morning break). If you have not signed up then we will not be expecting you at the river and therefore will not have allocated a boat for you. THIS CHANGE HAS BEEN INTRODUCED FOR SAFETY REASONS AND WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED

Michaelmas 2019 timetable starts Monday 9 September 2019

ALL rowers are expected to:

1. Set up Coach Now notifications - last minute changes will always be posted there. In school, always check the whiteboard outside the Rowing Office before Games and After-school sessions. If the river is playing its tricks we may need to change venues at short notice. 

2. Know that after-school sessions at the boat house are 4-6pm. We may not be able to put you on the river if you arrive after 4.10pm or need to leave before 5.45pm. Tell your coach if you need to leave early from the river.

3. Know that updates to Saturday training are posted before 5pm on Fridays and at 7am on Saturdays for last-minute changes or cancellations (check before you travel). 

4. Sign the absence record at the Weekly Team Meeting if you know you cannot attend a session. Email before 6pm on Friday evening if you are unable to attend a Saturday session. Please note emails sent after 6pm on Friday may not be read as staff are off-duty in the evenings and on the river ALL day on Saturday (ie no access to email)

Michaelmas 2019 Week A / Week B sessions