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Co-curricular Clubs Lent 2021

Please find below the RGS The Grange Lent term clubs. Clubs will commence on 5 January 2021 and with over 60 clubs on offer, there is something for everyone.

There will be no external clubs running this term due to the ongoing situation.

When selecting clubs with your child, please be aware that Year Three and Four have matches on Tuesday afternoons and Year Five and Six have matches on Wednesday afternoons. In a lot of cases, there will still be time for your child to attend their club, but there may be occasions when matches are played away or run later. If you would prefer your child to attend their club rather than play in a match, please speak to a member of the sports team.

Clubs are allocated as possible. When completing the After School Club Form, we ask you to put your child’s first choice in the first-choice box, as we do try to give children this choice. Each child can select up to six choices.

By ticking the guardian/parental box you agree to pay the full charge due for any paying club, charges will be added to your termly account. Please note – full charges will apply should your child withdraw from any paying club after more than two sessions.

Year One and Two – Clubs will run from 3.30 – 4.15pm

Years Three – Six Clubs will run from 3.45 – 4.45pm

Children are then welcome to attend After School Care until 6.00pm.

Please note when booking that some clubs will be running alternately and will be either a WEEK A or a WEEK B depending on the year they are in.

Once club requests have been processed you will be informed of the clubs allocated to your child and you will be able to choose the After School Care you require. Thank you!


Year Three Table Tennis (8-8.40am)

Year Four Rugby/ Football (3.45-4.45pm)

Year Four Netball (3.45-4.45pm)

Year Six Vocal Ensemble (3.45-4.45pm)

Year Six Choir (4 -4.45pm)

Tuesday :

Year One Construction & Colouring (3.30-4.15pm)

Year One Pony Club (WEEK A 3.30 – 4.15pm)

Year One Pottery (WEEK A 3.30 – 5.15pm)

Year Two Pottery (WEEK B 3.30-5.15pm)

Year Two Pony Club (WEEK B 3.30-4.15pm)

Year Three Construction (WEEK A 3.45-4.45pm)

Year Three Gymnastics (WEEK A 3.45-4.45pm)

Year Four Gymnastics (WEEK B 3.45-4.45pm)

Year Four Construction (WEEK B 3.45-4.45pm)

Year Four Table tennis (8 – 8.40pm)

Year Five Choir (8.10-8.30am)

Year Five Wind Band (1.25-1.45pm)

Year Five Drama (3.45-4.45pm)

Year Five Girls Netball (3.45-4.45pm)

Year Five Sports Rugby/ Football (3.45-4.45pm)

Year Six Sports Rugby / Football (3.45-4.45pm)

Year Six Girls Netball (3.45-4.45pm)

Year Six Girls Hockey (3.45-4.45pm)


Year One Art. (WEEK A 3.30-4.15pm)

Year Two Art (WEEK B 3.30-4.15pm)

Year Two Colouring & Board Games (3.30-4.15pm)

Year Three Art (3.45-4.45pm)

Year Three Board Games & Puzzles (3.45-4.45pm)

Year Four Choir (8.10-8.30am)

Year Four Drama (3.45-4.45pm)

Year Five Guitar group (8.20-8.50am) Guitar pupils only


Year One Hockey / Netball (3.30-4.45pm)

Year Two Nature Club (3.30-4.15pm)

Year Three Netball (3.45-4.45pm)

Year Three Rugby / Football (3.45-4.45pm)

Year Three Choir (8.10-8.30am)

Year Five Table Tennis (8 – 8.40am)

Year Five Craft & Textiles (3.45-4.45pm)

Year Five Code Club (WEEK A 3.45 – 4.45pm)

Year Six Code Club (WEEK B 3.45 – 4.45pm)

Year Six Production Club (3.45-4.45pm)


Year One Multi Sports (WEEK A 3.30-4.15pm)

Year Two Multi Sports ( WEEK B 3.30-4.15pm)

Year Three Boys Hockey (Week A 3.45-4.45pm)

Year Three Girls Football ( WEEK A 3.45-4.45pm)

Year Four Boys Hockey (WEEK B 3.45-4.45pm)

Year Four Girls Football ( WEEK B 3.45-4.45pm)

Year Five String Group (8.20 – 8.50am)

Year Five Boys Hockey (WEEK A 3.45-4.45pm)

Year Five Girls Football (WEEK A 3.45-4.45pm)

Year Five RGS The Grange Newspaper (3.45 – 4.45pm)

Year Six Table Tennis (8 – 8.40am)

Year Six Boys Hockey (WEEK B 3.45-4.45pm)

Year Six Girls Football (WEEK B 3.45-4.45pm)



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