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Home Use

It is important to strike the right balance when using technology. We advocate the use of technology at school only when it enhances teaching and hence learning. We appreciate young people may be drawn to a screen. Hence we applaud, indeed strongly encourage parents to moderate the use of the iPad at home to sensible and appropriate levels. We discourage the use of the iPad just before bedtime, and we strongly recommend the iPad is left downstairs in the evening to charge, not taken upstairs to bed.

We suggest and encourage parents to engage with their children when using their iPads at home, to see what they are using them for and discover how they are being used, to keep abreast of the content of their child’s iPad.

We accept pupils will want to install their own Apps on their iPad. The school do not prohibit this, but encourage parents to be aware of what is installed on their child’s iPad.

Screen Time functionality can help you manage the time your child spends on their device.