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Purchasing an iPad and Minimum Specification

RGS Worcester recommends pupils purchase a full size iPad (10.2”) and ensure it comes to school each day in a rugged case. Having an iPad in school each day in a suitable case is a requirement for each pupil so that they can participate in our Digital Learning Programme. The entry level 32gb model is sufficient for the all school apps. 

To assist parents in purchasing the right iPad and case, at a competitive price, RGS has developed a partnership with Albion Computers who, via their web portal, offer RGS parents the opportunity to purchase iPads, Insurance, Apple Pencils and Cases at competitive prices, delivered free, next day to your address. We have chosen Albion because they share aims and aspirations similar to ours to ensure our learners are properly equipped with the right technology to enhance their learning. However, the School systems can support iPads bought from other suppliers.

The Albion Insurance offer is for three years and is not mandatory, but we think it is a sensible precaution and advise that insurance is taken out to protect the iPad. This is entirely at parents’ discretion.

The use of Apple Pencils is evolving at present. The latest 7th generation iPads as offered by Albion are compatible with Apple Pencils. Therefore, parents are able to purchase an iPad and case today, and know they are able to purchase a compatible pencil at a later date.

We hope that this information and the partnership with Albion Computers assists parents in choosing an iPad and case for your child but, in the event of a further query, please do not hesitate to contact the IT Team via