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Content & Privacy Restrictions

This section allows you to configure such options as purchasing and content blocking.

There are a lot of items in this section and most are self explanatory however we have highlighted below some sections we feel that you should consider reviewing.

To configure Content & Privacy Restrictions tap Settings – Screen Time – Content & Privacy Restrictions.

Content & Privacy Restrictions

iTunes & App Store Purchases

If you do not have Family sharing configured, we strongly recommend setting this up. A guide can be found here.

If Family sharing is not configured, you can prevent apps from being installed or deleted and block In-App purchases.

Content & Privacy Restrictions

Content Restrictions

Review the settings here for availability of content through the App Store, iTunes Store and Podcasts.

Tap each setting to review the age restrictions

Content & Privacy Restrictions

Web content

Within Content Restrictions there is a Web Content option.

There are three options here:

  • Unrestricted access
  • Limit Adult Websites
  • Allowed Websites Only

Limit Adult Websites 

This setting will automatically block many adult websites however it is also possible to Allow or Never Allow specified sites. 

Tap Add Website and specify the Website URL e.g

Content & Privacy Restrictions

Allowed Websites Only

This setting automatically lists a small selection of child friendly websites. Additional websites can be added to this list by tapping Add Website.

Please exercise caution when enabling this feature as depending upon the age of your child, you may be inadvertently blocking access to useful websites. 

Allow Changes

Passcode: If you know or choose to set the passcode of your child’s device or if you are concerned that they may change and then forget the code, you may wish to prevent them from doing this by disabling this option.

Account changes: You can prevent the AppleID from being changed on the device, this will prevent your child from potentially using an account that you are not aware of or do not manage.

Volume Limit: It is possible to set a maximum volume limit for a device when using headphones. Once you have set the limit you can prevent this from being changed by enabling this feature. For instructions on how to set the volume limit, please see our guide here.