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To be able to print to the school printers, you need to have Papercut installed on your device. This will be installed automatically once your device is enrolled on the MDM.

Alternatively, to download Papercut to your iOS device, click here

Once it has downloaded, enter your username and password and tick the box ‘remember me’.

The following guides will assist you with printing from your iPad and releasing the print job on a school printer.

Printing from your iPad

Printing to a shared account from an iPad

If you take DT, Textiles or Art at GCSE or A-Level you will be assigned a shared account so that your colour printing costs are allocated to a shared account.

Releasing a job

Across all of our schools there are various devices where you can print. Anything you print is held in a Print queue for 24 hours and can be released on any of the devices available across the sites to the students. If you do not release the print job within this time it is automatically deleted. These devices can also scan your work so that you can share work hand drawn or hand written work digitally with your teachers.

Reducing File size

If you create a document or presentation that contains images, the size of this document can become very large. This will impact space taken up on your device and will increase the time taken to print or share the file. The above guide will assist you to reduce the file size without affecting the quality in your document.