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Rowing Kit: 2023-24 season

Specialist rowing kit is available from Stitch Rowing

You need to register with the site to access the RGS Worcester rowing kit.

Mr Messent has a limited supply of kit in stock available from the rowing office.

 All rowers are required to purchase the RGS Rowing high-vis vest. This has been introduced for safety reasons and replaces the red vests previously supplied by us. Further details available soon. 

ALL rowers must also own the general RGS Worcester sports kit such as the tracksuit. These are available from the PlayerLayer website ( – type Royal Grammar School Worcester into the Search box).


Order online from Stitch Rowing

Order from Mr Messent

Specialist rowing kit (compulsory unless otherwise stated)

RGS High Vis Vest

RGS splash top


RGS all-in-one


RGS Rowing leggings


Riverside fleece


RGS woollen beanie hat


RGS Rowing tech top


CrewRoom hat or visor


Wellington boots

Any retailer

Pool slides

Any retailer

ALL students are expected to have RGS Worcester PlayerLayer sports kit as follows:


Other VERY useful items:

Pogies (navy or black) Two retailers suggested here – there are others!

Waterproof trousers (navy or black)

Any retailer

DryRobe (green or navy preferred)

Small dry bag (for keeping your kit dry in the boat)

Any outdoor retailer

Kit requirements for rowing

 ALL rowers must bring a towel, a drink of water and a complete changing of clothing to every session. NB. Year Nines are NOT required to purchase the specialist rowing kit but must have enough PlayerLayer kit to keep warm and dry.

Kit for Games and training sessions

You may wear ANY RGS Worcester sports kit to rowing sessions, as long as it is suitable for the conditions on the river. Be aware that the rowing coaches may not allow you to go on the river if you are not adequately dressed for the conditions.

Coxwains MUST bring a pair of waterproof trousers to their sessions (keep a pair in your kit bag).

All rowers must wear training shoes to every session. You should bring a pair of Wellington boots in wet conditions. You may use pool slides for boating (and this saves time when getting in and out of your boat).

Kit for Racing

ALL members of a racing crew (except for the coxswain) must be dressed identically. This rule will be strictly enforced.

Travelling to an event

ALL rowers must wear the school uniform WeatherLayer and TrainerLayer tracksuits over their rowing kit to travel to an event. Non-RGS clothing is not permitted to be worn.

Racing kit: J14s (Year Nine)

RGS Worcester shorts or skort + VictoryLayer white polo shirt

PlayerLayer skins may be worn underneath if it is cool

ALL J14s must wear the RGS Worcester PlayerLayer tracksuit to travel to an event and in cool conditions.

Racing kit: J15-18s (Year Ten to Upper Sixth)

To Travel to fixtures

All students must wear the RGS Worcester PlayerLayer tracksuit.

To Race

Stitch Rowing all-in-one

Stitch Rowing leggings

Stitch Tech Top

ALL members of a crew must race in identical kit (coxswains excepted).

To keep warm in the boat and while waiting for your race:

Stitch Rowing splash top

Mid-layer fleece (PLayerLayer)

RGS woollen beanie (available from Stitch and / or PlayerLayer)

+ any other layers underneath your racing kit (eg skins)

To keep warm on the river bank:

Stitch Rowing fleece

RGS Worcester PlayerLayer tracksuit

+ any other layers underneath your racing kit