RGS Worcester Boat Club: SAFETY


Keep a look-out 

Know and follow the rules of the river 

Be considerate of other river users

Everyone involved in rowing has a responsibility for safety – their own, their crew mates, other people on the river and even for their coaches’ safety. This page explains the safety guidelines we work to. All rowers are expected to have read and understood the Safety on the Severn guidance and know and understand the two maps relating to River Severn Safety.

If anyone has concerns or queries regarding safety please contact the Head of Rowing, Mrs Jane Sullivan, jcs@rgsw.org.uk

There’s more advice on your personal health and safety in The Rowing Handbook – see Chapter 10 Stay Healthy for Rowing Stay healthy for rowing


RGS Worcester Boat Club is affiliated to British Rowing and follows the RowSafe Guidelines. You can read these guidelines in full via this link: www.britishrowing.org/about-us/policies-guidance/rowsafe/

Safety on the Severn

ALL of the watersports clubs along the stretch of river from Bevere to Diglis work to these guidelines. ALL rowers and coaches at RGS are expected to have read this document and understand its safety guidance.

READ THIS!  Safety on the Severn

Maps of the River Severn

The maps below are a guide to circulation patterns for rowers and canoeists. Please take some time to study these and learn which part of the river will be busy with other watersports users. 

Remember: everyone has an equal right to use and enjoy the river.



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