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Screen Time

Follow the steps below to enable Screen time on your device.

Step 1:

To enable Screen time on a device, tap Settings then Turn On Screen Time.

Step 2:
Once enabled, you can run through a simple setup procedure as shown below, tap continue.



Select if this is your iPad/iPhone or your Child’s.

Schedule downtime – This allows you to define a time period when apps will be blocked. By default some apps will remain enabled for safety reason such as Phone and messages but this can be overridden. See the Always Allowed guide for additional information.

App Limits – This allows you to define a number of minutes or hours per day that you or your child can spend on certain app categories such as Social media or Games. We recommend that you select Not now at this point. A guide to configuring App limits can be found here.

Content & Privacy – Tap continue at this point as you are unable to configure anything at this point. The Content & Privacy guide can be found here.

Parent Passcode – Please enter a four digit code (that your children will not easily guess). This will prevent your children making unwanted changes to the settings.

If you forget the passcode you create it cannot be reset without erasing the iPad.

Screen time is now enabled. Please view the additional guides for further information.

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